Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase?

  • Simply register your email on and click Buy Now on the right after entering your email.

What do we do?

  • We currently support Mobsters 2 Vendetta & Sorority Life games!

How many computers can I run this on with 1 MyMobster Account?

  • You can use this program on as many accounts as you can. Even multiple computers on the same network.
  • If you want to use it at another location please wait 24 hours.

What operating system can run this?

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Windows 8!

Who can use this utility?

  • Anyone, it is not restricted by anything, very simple and easy to use!

How long does it take to be activated?

  • Instantly.


  • If you are un-satisfied for any reason you can request a refund at, only within 7 days of purchase.

Can I get banned?

  • If you excessively use your character it may be flagged and banned, I have only heard of people being muted for spamming, have not heard of any bans.

How can I request assistance?

  • You can launch the Mobsters 2 Vendetta Utility, Verify, then go to Options / Other tab, then go to Q & A tab,check the box to view the form, and then fill out the form, submit, and wait for our response. :)

Common Problems

Can not run Mobsters 2 Vendetta Utility.exe

  1. Make sure you have .Net 4 installed from Microsoft, without it you can not use our software.
  2. For Windows 7 32/64 BIT, Vista 32/64 BIT, and XP 64BIT, run Mobsters 2 Vendetta Utility.exe as administrator.

How to run our software as administrator

  1. Right click the software and select "Properties", In the properties area you can go to "Compatibility", then at the bottom under "Privilege Level", check Run this program as an administrator.

I was verified, but now it says Un-Verified.

  1. We only allow 1 network to use your account at a time, if another location has logged into your account you will have to wait 1 hour to be able to change it again.
  2. We keep track of a lot of things, if we suspect users of sharing accounts we will make those specific people take longer then the above 1 hour.

Error: 0 - 15 MessageBox

  1. Make sure you are using the correct Facebook password.
  2. Login to Facebook with Mozilla, IE, Opera, Chrome.
  3. Go to your Account Settings.
  4. DISABLE When a new computer or mobile device logs into this account:Send me an email.
  5. DISABLE The use of HTTPS
  6. The security settings inside Facebook should look like the image below.